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Project Planning and Development

The project planning and development phase is the most important for keeping you in budget and on schedule.

Action Shopfitters can provide you with a total project plan. We can tackle any project, large or small. This includes, but is not limited to...

Interior Design

Interior Design is about creating an atmosphere.

The right atmosphere can keep customers in the store and browsing for more items; atmosphere can convey professionalism and success in the office; atmosphere can make a place feel right.

Our experienced team of interior designers will help you find the right design, the right products, the right colours and the right textures.

We have all the latest interior designs, concepts and fashions—whether you're following the trends or trying to find something timelessly elegant.

Interior Design is more than aesthetic. An appropriate design ensures that the inside of your building is maximising its space, allure and utility, complementing the experience for both customers and business members.

Local Council Requirments

Dealing with Local Council Requirements can often be a headache. It's tedious, time-consuming and costly. If you're unfamiliar with the legal geography it is possible to waste whole days just trying to filter through the minutiae and red tape.

Let our knowledge and experience with local councils and council requirements from across the country facilitate painless and timely council approvals.

We understand.

There's nothing worse than spending a lot of money outfitting a particular store only to find it violates some clause of council regulations or requirements; it can be very expensive to bring up to code as an afterthought —or worse, that outfitting, and expenditure may have to be undone!

Seek our advice on Local Council Requirements; you won't regret it.

Contract Managment

Action Shopfitters has an experienced and dedicated team that will undertake any project, regardless of scale. We have built up our contracting network over the years and we manage many fine contracting services.

Our total contract management services include:

Design and Layout of Architectual Joinery

Architectural Joinery Design and Layout is important for the aesthetic of your place of business.

The design and layout of Architectural Joinery is a service best left to the experienced. Experience like ours.

Our reputation and wealth of knowledge comes from fitting out various projects across Australia for some of the nation's best known businesses and institutions.

Our manufacturing facility for architectural joinery uses modern construction methods and techniques, reinforced with a simple philosophy based on honesty, integrity and good old-fashioned customer service.

It is vital that the design matches the result.

We have the multi-disciplinary skills that can overcome many of the traditional construction stumbling blocks, which almost always occur when dealing with less experienced outfitters of architectural joinery.

Our approach is pro-active and flexible. We provide fit-out for offices, homes, stores and everything in between.


We are a member of the Australian Shop & Office Fitting Industry Association, and Queensland Master Builders.

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